Laughing On The Edge: 35+ Sizzling Memes That Pack A Punch

By Jishnu B

Hey there, meme enthusiasts and internet wanderers! We know life can sometimes feel like a never-ending rollercoaster. But when the going gets tough, there’s one trusty companion we can always turn to – memes! But not just any memes – oh no! Today, we’re diving into the sizzling and oh-so-hilarious world of ‘Spicy Memes’ that are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and light up your day like a fireworks show on the Fourth of July! 

We’ve scoured the deep corners of the interwebs to gather the most tongue-in-cheek, cheeky, and downright ridiculous memes that will have you grinning from ear to ear. So buckle up because we’re about to embark on a meme-tastic journey filled with laughter, snickers, and maybe even a snort or two – no judgment here! Get ready to unleash those endorphins and forget about your worries because these memes are the perfect recipe to spice up your day!

Trying to Keep Up

Hey, internet warriors! In the realm of identity and pronouns, some folks have truly taken things to a whole new level of hilarity. Meet our latest internet sensation: someone who identifies as a threat and goes by the pronouns “Try / Me.” 

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

“I identify as a threat” – when you first read this line, your imagination might run wild. Is it a sly declaration of self-confidence? Perhaps it’s a tongue-in-cheek way of saying, “Don’t mess with me; I’m fierce!” In the meme world, interpretations are endless, and that’s part of the magic.

Braveheart Incarnate

Ah, the joys of an overactive imagination! We’ve all been there – late at night, hearing strange noises outside and instantly becoming convinced that the boogeyman is lurking. But fear not because, in those moments, our beloved furry friends come to the rescue! 

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

Who needs high-tech security systems when you have a dog with a sixth sense for spookiness? However, the image shows a dog peeking out with wide, innocent eyes, probably more scared than its humans about any potential threats! “Bark first, ask questions later!” seems to be the motto.

Grandma’s Detective Skills

Move over Sherlock Holmes, there’s a new detective in town, and she goes by the name of Grandma! Prepare yourself for a tale of intrigue, romance, and, yes, a sandal in her hand! Now, one might wonder, “Why on earth would someone have a sandal on their hand?” Oh, dear readers, that’s the million-dollar question! 

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

Back in her youth, Grandma might have been a double agent, and the sandal in her hand is a subtle signal to her former spy pals. Who knew her knitting club was a front for international espionage? So, our little girlie and her boyfriend here had no chance of sneaking around.

Pillow Talk Chronicles

Ah, the magical realm of dreamy kisses! There’s nothing quite like waking up to a gentle peck on the forehead or a surprise smooch on the cheek. It’s like your heart doing the cha-cha and your soul doing the electric slide – all at once! But hey, real life has its moments too. 

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

Now, here’s where things take a peculiar turn. Prisons might not be the first place you’d associate with love and tenderness, but life has its funny ways of surprising us. In the confined spaces of a cell block, even the simplest gestures can take on a whole new meaning!

Blocked but Unbowed

Are you feeling blocked and silenced in the digital realm? Fear not, intrepid dreamers, for we have an otherworldly solution that combines imagination, humor, and a touch of magic! Get ready to explore the mystical art of dream visitation that allows you to reach out to that someone who’s blocked you.

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

Okay, we admit it – this one’s for the brave-hearted pranksters! Dream-crashing is like an impromptu slumber party. Once you’ve perfected the art, you can make a surprise appearance in that special someone’s dream and leave them wondering how on earth you still got to them!

From Early Bird to Night Owl

Ah, the best-laid plans of mice and men, or in this case, the ambitious aspirations of early-morning workout enthusiasts! If you’ve ever found yourself in the comical situation of promising yourself to rise at the crack of dawn for a workout, only to find yourself still snug in dreamland hours later, you’re not alone!

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

With unwavering determination, you set your sights on conquering the fitness world before the sun even rises. But, alas, morning arrives, and with it, the relentless pull of the snooze button. “Just five more minutes,” you mutter to yourself, unaware that those five minutes will transform into an hour of the most peaceful slumber.

Musical Heartache

We’ve all been there – navigating the rollercoaster of emotions that music takes us on! From breakup ballads to soul-stirring melodies, sometimes we find ourselves voluntarily diving into those moments that tug at our heartstrings. So, welcome to the club of perpetual emotional masochists, where hitting the “repeat” button gets you a badge of honor!

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

It all starts innocently enough. You stumble upon that one song that seems to resonate with your deepest emotions like no other. As the lyrics flow, you feel a pang in your heart. You might even shed a tear or two, contemplating the poignant moments that mirror your own experiences. 

Masters of Legendary Pranks

The classic older sibling prank is a time-honored tradition passed down through generations! If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of one of these epic jokes, you know that when it comes to sibling humor, there are no limits! This particular one is as funny as it is cruel!

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

As the saying goes, “Silence speaks louder than words.” But with older siblings around, that silence might be a signal of impending mischief – a calm before the prankster storm! These jokesters have honed their craft over the years. Their mission? To keep you on your toes. 

The Art of Doing Absolutely Nothing

Ah, the familiar dance with our smartphones – scrolling, tapping, and refreshing endlessly. But what happens when the well of apps runs dry, and you find yourself staring blankly at the screen, lost in the void of app fatigue? The answer is simple – you embrace the glorious art of doing absolutely nothing! 

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

You scour the internet, seeking that elusive spark of entertainment. Maybe it’s a new app, a random blog, or a YouTube rabbit hole, but alas, nothing seems to ignite the flames of excitement. But fear not, for this unproductive saga is a journey of its own. It’s a thrilling ride to the depths of relaxation!

A Wild Ride of Bromance

Picture this – you and your homie, adrenaline junkies to the core, embark on an epic road trip. The engine roars and the wheels spin as you hit 150mph like it’s just another stroll in the park. Amidst the wind rushing past your ears and the thrill of high-speed racing, your homie drops a bombshell.

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

You begin to realize that driving at breakneck speeds might be your homie’s way of escaping the emotions swirling within. After all, what better way to process heartache than to feel the rush of the wind in your face? It’s the ultimate bromanctic moment – two friends, adrenaline, and a moment of vulnerability!

The Great Room Cleaning Odyssey

Cleaning your room can be an adventure of its own! From conquering the dust bunnies to organizing the chaos, you embark on a quest to restore order to your space. But sometimes, in the process, you stumble upon an array of random and unexpected treasures that have been hiding in the depths of clutter! 

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

Armed with determination and a trusty broom, you dive headfirst into the task. But wait, what’s this? As you reach the farthest corners and deepest crevices, you start to uncover a treasure trove of long-forgotten items. From that favorite childhood toy to a random sock that’s been missing for months – the surprises keep coming. 


Ah, the wonders of motherly love! When moms gaze upon their precious newborns, they see a vision of perfection – their little bundle of joy, their mini-me, a reflection of their own features. But sometimes, when you take a glance at these adorable newborns, you might find that cuteness has been a bit exaggerated.

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

Let’s be real – newborns are a work in progress, and their adorable squishiness is a charm all on its own! They might not be the spitting image of their parents just yet, but their cuteness knows no bounds. As time goes by, this delightful dough-like appearance begins to transform. 

The Dual Persona of Moms

Moms have this uncanny ability of showcasing two different sides – the angelic kindness they display in front of others and the real face and attitude that come out once the guests are gone. If you’ve ever experienced this intriguing transformation, you’ll understand the humorous dance between appearances and authenticity. 

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

In social settings, moms are masters of grace, effortlessly playing the role of the perfect host. They embody kindness, hospitality, and a genuine interest in others’ lives. It’s like witnessing a performance straight out of an etiquette manual. But behind closed doors, the mask comes off. 

FaceTime Follies

This one’s about that magical moment when the FaceTime call connects. You’re excited to see your loved one’s face, and they’re equally eager to catch up with you. Little do you know, you’re about to embark on an ‘angle’ adventure like never before!

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

As you both position your phones and start talking, you quickly realize that the camera angle is less than flattering. Your nose takes center stage, transforming your face into a calf-like countenance. Oops! But as the FaceTime call winds down, you both realize that these imperfect moments are what make your connection special. 

Trust and Skepticism

This classic conversation between a worried child and their confident mom is a comedic masterpiece of trust and skepticism. When it comes to mothers, their unwavering assurance can be both heartwarming and amusing, especially when dealing with the fear of the unknown. 

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

As the scene unfolds, you express your genuine concern about the possibility of getting kidnapped. With squinty eyes and a cool exasperated expression, you can’t help but wonder if your mom possesses some magical powers or if she’s just naturally shady. Our money’s on the second. 

Feline Dream 

In a world filled with infinite possibilities, you have discovered your ultimate mission – to embark on a feline-centric adventure and pet every single cat that crosses your path! This is not just any ordinary purpose; it’s a journey filled with furry encounters and heartwarming moments. 

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

With every feline encounter, you feel an inexplicable connection. Cats seem to gravitate toward you, sensing your unique gift of understanding their misunderstood language. You’re a bonafide Cat Whisperer! From alley cats to pampered kitties, you’re on a mission to pet them all, one paw at a time! 

Hug Blocker

Sometimes, all you need is a moment of personal space, even in the midst of a loving hug-a-thon! Sometimes when you spot a hugger approaching, you instantly become the master of the art of setting boundaries – and there’s nothing wrong with that. 

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

As the hugger gets closer, you raise your STOP sign like a shield, signaling your need for a hug break. It’s not that you don’t appreciate their affection; you simply crave a moment of solitude and personal time. It’s perfectly fine to be the Hug Blocker now and then. 

The Art of Not-So-Subtle Subtlety

In a hushed tone, you share a top-secret observation with your friends: “Don’t make it obvious, but the guy behind you has…” The challenge is set – can they pass the subtlety test? But alas! Before you even finish the statement, this eager beaver steals a glance behind them. 

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

Their curiosity gets the better of them, and they twist their heads like a comedy act. What ensues is an epic battle of subtlety – or lack thereof! Your friends try to be discreet, but their exaggerated movements and funny expressions give away their attempts. You’re left wondering how you ended up with this bunch!

The Mysterious Cat Tale

Your beloved cat suddenly goes missing, leaving you worried and wondering about its whereabouts. You search high and low, calling its name, but it seems to have vanished into thin air. Just as you start to lose hope, your furry friend reappears, trotting back home with an air of mystery about them. 

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

But the mystery doesn’t end there! As days pass, you begin to notice subtle changes in your cat’s appearance and behavior. Soon enough, the surprise is revealed – your cat is pregnant! It seems that escapades had a whole new dimension to it!

When Club Lights Cast Magic Shadows

In the enchanting world of nightlife, the dance floor becomes a canvas of mystique and allure when the lights are dimly lit. The silhouettes swaying to the rhythm appear almost ethereal, like heavenly beings lost in the dance. But, as the club lights come on, the magic fades, revealing the faces behind the enchanting shadows.

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

As the music fills the air and the lights dim down, the dance floor transforms into a dreamlike spectacle. The silhouettes intertwine, creating a celestial ballet of shadows. But as the club lights come on, reality resurfaces. The enchanting silhouettes fade away. 

Cloning Habits

As you spend more time together with your person, you begin to notice a delightful transformation – your girl starts picking up on your habits, becoming a mini version of you! It’s a heartwarming and humorous journey that celebrates the unique connection between you and your partner.

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

In the beginning, you may not notice the subtle changes, but as you spend more time together, the magic unfolds. You start mirroring each other’s habits and find yourselves in sync like two peas in a pod! It’s like having a mini version of yourself right by your side. 

When Mobile Data Fails

In the fast-paced world of mobile connectivity, we’ve all experienced that frustrating moment when our mobile data or WiFi decides to take an unplanned break. But amidst the chaos, one trusty app rises to the occasion – the photo gallery, your steadfast companion in times of technological mishaps.

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

You open it and marvel at the treasure trove of memories captured in pixels. Your trusty app has become the MVP of the moment, rescuing you from the void of internet-less existence. It’s more than just an app – it’s a memory keeper. A nostalgic time capsule that reminds you of the joys of life.

Memes and Politics

When it comes to political discussions, you may find yourself in a strange position if you haven’t been keeping up with the news. While others were delving deep into the intricacies of politics, you have been immersed in a lighthearted world of laughter and internet humor.

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

But don’t underestimate the power of memes! As the discussions continue, you find yourself making connections to political figures and events from the humorous memes you’ve encountered. And when the serious talks become too intense, you interject with a well-timed meme reference. 

The Delicious Dilemma

This is a familiar struggle we have all faced after a day of indulgence – the battle between feeling stuffed and craving that final sweet treat! Let’s dive into this deliciously relatable dilemma and witness your taste buds and tummy being at odds with each other. 

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

Sometimes you have one of those dull days that can only be passed lazing on the couch and snacking on anything and everything. But as the day ends, you start to assess the aftermath of your food adventure. You’ve gained a “food baby,” and the idea of consuming anything else is met with mixed feelings.

Crazy in a Good Way

This meme describes that delightful moment when you playfully admit to being a little crazy, and instead of receiving the expected denial, you get a warm and accepting response. It’s a heartwarming tale of embracing your unique charm and finding someone who appreciates your quirks just the way they are. 

Image Credit: @spiciest memess/Instagram

You brace yourself for the typical response of denial or reassurance. But little did you expect the surprising response that came your way. Deep down, it’s a beautiful moment of connection where you realize that your quirks are part of what makes you special. If only you could see it that way!

Unexpected Comedian

In the intriguing realm of social dynamics, there comes a moment when a person you don’t particularly like surprises you with an unexpectedly funny joke. As this person shares a joke, you are initially skeptical, not expecting much from them. 

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

But they surprise you! At that moment, you realize that humor transcends personal feelings. Even though you may not get along with this person, laughter becomes the common ground that brings you together. Well, at least on the inside. Externally, you master the coolest bitch face you can!

Round 2

This is for those moments when you retreat and make someone think the argument is over. But little do they know you’re about to return with a vengeance of comedic brilliance! They didn’t expect you to come back so quickly and have no idea what cutting remarks are about to come their way!

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

You engage in a verbal duel of wit, firing off your remarks like rapid-fire jokes. It’s like a comedy club showdown, and you’ve got the audience (even if it’s just yourself) in stitches! Amidst the laughter, both sides realize that maybe the argument wasn’t that important after all.  

The Paradox of Solitude

In the complex world of emotions and relationships, there comes a paradoxical moment when you ask for solitude. But the very act of being alone leaves you feeling sad and yearning for connection once more. It’s a poignant tale of conflicting desires, where your beau’s absence weighs heavily on your heart.

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

With a scheme up your sleeve, you express your wish for some alone time, hoping he will see it as him going too far and come back to apologize or appease you. Unfortunately, you’ve played this card one too many times, and now he’s got you exactly where he wants you!

Snack Monster Confessions

In the mystical realm of snackdom, there lives a legendary cookie lover, always caught with a mouthful of delightful treats. As curious onlookers inquire about his snack obsession, our protagonist playfully unveils his deepest secret – the cookies hold the key to unleashing the inner snack monster!

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

With a devilish grin and cookie crumbs scattered around his mouth, the snack monster confesses, “Without my cookies, I’m a mild-mannered soul.” That’s the moment the snack kingdom knew they were dealing with a playful yet ferocious snacker. Cue the cookie-chomping carnival! 

The Fruity Fridge Conundrum

From exchanging perplexed glances to forming an orange alliance to compete against the irresistible allure of Kit Kats, these fruits are ready to put on a show! Will their attempts to lure you towards healthier choices succeed, or will the temptation of chocolatey goodness prevail?

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

Whether you’re Team Orange or Team KitKat, this meme-filled showdown will have you in stitches. If you’ve been in this position before, you know how judgy those fruits can be. Remember, folks, eat your fruits because there’s always room for a little chocolatey indulgence. 

The Effortless Biking Legend

Move over Tour de France, there’s a new biking sensation in town, and he’s taking the internet by storm! Who is this biking prodigy, and how did he acquire such extraordinary skills? Rumor has it that he stumbled upon a secret technique hidden in the depths of the internet – “The Zen Cyclist’s Zenith.” 

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

But let’s not forget the dangers of attempting such feats without proper training! As “The Effortless Biking Legend” effortlessly glides through the streets, we have to remind you guys that real-life biking requires a lot more balance and focus than lying down and hoping for the best. Safety first!

The Rogue Brain Cell

We all have that one rebellious brain cell that seems to have a mind of its own. Just when you find yourself in the most serious and somber situations, it decides to throw caution to the wind and unleash an unstoppable force of laughter. 

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

From funerals to job interviews, this rogue brain cell seems to have impeccable timing for its shenanigans. Imagine trying to hold back laughter while everyone else has a solemn demeanor. It’s like being part of an inside joke that only you and your misbehaving brain can fully appreciate.

The Epic Binge Journey

Calling all binge-watchers and snack enthusiasts. We’ve found the ultimate formula for an unforgettable TV series binge! When you stumble upon that hidden gem with five to seven seasons, each boasting a whopping 25 episodes and a runtime of 45 minutes per episode, you know you’re in for an epic adventure.

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

As you embark on this binge-watching journey, you quickly realize that time has no meaning in the world of captivating storytelling. Hours turn into days, days turn into weeks, and before you know it, you’ve transformed into a seasoned couch potato – and you’re loving every moment of it!

Horror Movie Hacks

Are you a horror movie enthusiast who longs to enjoy those spine-chilling thrillers without jumping out of your seat? Fear not, for we’ve got the ultimate hack that’ll turn your fear into laughter! With the help of funny filters and your trusty mobile device, you can turn even the scariest scenes into a hilarious experience.

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

First things first, arm yourself with a good sense of humor and a collection of funny filters for your mobile phone. Whether it’s cute animal faces, quirky emojis, or ridiculous distortions, the more absurd, the better! Once the movie starts, launch your mobile’s funny filters app and apply them to the screen. 

Bestie Breakout

Who says age should confine us to the walls of a nursing home? Not these spirited besties! In this heartwarming and hilarious tale, we take a glimpse into the escapades of two forever-young friends who decided that life in a nursing home was just too tame for them.

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

When our dynamic duo hatched their breakout plan, nothing could stand in their way. Using cunning tactics, disguises, and a good dose of humor, they outwitted the nursing home staff and slipped away into the night. So seize the day, cherish your friends, and never forget that the spirit of youth lives on.

Motherly Love

Our next story begins innocently enough when a doting mother proudly posts a photo of her beloved child on Facebook. Overflowing with love and admiration, she writes, “Such a handsome kid, gonna break so many hearts.” Little did she know that her child’s endearing features had an uncanny resemblance to none other than “Nigel Thornberry.” 

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

The kid’s accidental transformation into a meme sensation proves that humor can unite people across the virtual world. Amidst the laughter, the child becomes a symbol of joy, and his mother’s endearing compliment takes on a whole new level of heartwarming hilarity. 

The Hunger Metamorphosis

It all begins innocently enough with a simple, “I’m hungry.” At this stage, the person may be feeling a bit peckish, but they are still relatively calm and collected – a friendly and approachable version of themselves. But as the minutes tick by, the cravings intensify, and the hunger monster starts to rear its head. 

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

At the 20-minute mark, all bets are off! The person has officially crossed into ‘hangry’ territory – a fierce combination of hunger and anger. They might snap at the slightest inconvenience or complain about the world’s unfairness due to their hunger.

Turning the Tables

It’s time to take charge and stop being a mosquito’s favorite victim! In this hilarious and empowering tale, we follow the journey of someone who has had enough mosquito bites and decides to seek revenge in the most amusing way possible – asking Uncle Google how to bite a mosquito back!

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

Fed up with being the target of mosquito attacks, our protagonist declares it’s time to turn the tables on these tiny, bloodthirsty pests. Armed with determination, they set out on a quest for knowledge. They open their browser and type in the ultimate query.

The Purrplexing Affection

For some cat owners, the journey of discovering their kitty’s peculiar love language starts innocently enough. The feline approaches, seemingly with pure intentions, only to plant a gentle nibble on their owner’s hand. At first, it’s a bit bewildering, but soon it becomes a regular occurrence.

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

While outsiders might find the cat’s love bites perplexing, the owner knows it’s the ultimate testament of love from their feline friend. Its quirky displays of affection become endearing symbols of their special connection. Cats biting their owner’s hands is a delightful reminder that love comes in all shapes and forms – even little nibbles!

Sending LOLs

We all have that moment of self-appreciation when we craft a text so witty and humorous that we can’t help but burst into laughter. In this lighthearted exploration, we delve into the joy of being your own comedy goldmine, laughing at your own text before hitting send because, let’s face it, you’re absolutely hilarious!

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

It all begins with a brilliant idea or a witty remark that pops into your head. As you type away, the text takes shape, and you realize you’ve struck gold! As you read through your masterpiece, a wave of uncontrollable laughter washes over you. You can’t believe how funny you are.

Chicken Nugget Math

It starts with the iconic McDonald’s menu and the mouthwatering allure of chicken nuggets – crispy, savory, and simply irresistible. As you lay your eyes upon the heavenly 20-piece nugget box, a mischievous thought pops into your head, “Will this be enough?”

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

You’re convinced that your love for nuggets transcends mere mortal limitations, and you are destined to consume the 20-piece meal meant for four people all by yourself! With a smile on your face and a hunger in your heart, you decide that each of your four personas deserves an equal portion of nugget goodness. 

The Unconventional Penguin Spirit

While many associate spirit animals with traits like strength, agility, and wisdom, our penguin spirit stands out with its laid-back approach to life. This penguin knows how to enjoy a good feast, and its refusal to walk, mate, and communicate is a testament to the joy of taking life at its own pace.

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

For our penguin spirit, life revolves around only one thing – fishy feasts! It knows how to savor the culinary delights of the ocean, relishing each meal with unapologetic pleasure. Who needs to worry about walking or mating when there’s a buffet of fish to enjoy?

The Master of Chill

To those around them, the Master of Chill appears as a calm oasis in a sea of chaos. Friends and acquaintances marvel at their ability to remain composed, even in the most turbulent circumstances. Little do they know that beneath the cool facade lies a tumultuous ocean of emotions.

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

When faced with the pressures of life, the Master of Chill dons an unbothered facade, a mask that conceals the waves of anxiety and stress. They have become experts at playing the role of a carefree soul, even as they teeter on the edge of emotional exhaustion. 

The Sleepy Guardian

With the best of intentions, you decide to get a furry companion to watch over your home and be vigilant against intruders and unexpected visitors. A dog seems like the perfect choice, promising loyalty and fierce protective instincts. There’s no way things could go wrong now. 

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

But as you welcome your new canine companion into your home, you quickly realize that the Sleepy Guardian Dog has a unique approach to house-watching. Instead of patrolling the premises, it seems to have mastered the art of sleep – snoozing blissfully through the night and cramping up your style! 

Lavender Overload

In the quest for stress relief, many turn to the soothing scent of lavender, hoping it will work its magic and bring tranquility. So you take the suggestion to heart and decide to surround yourself with the fragrant bushes, anticipating the calming embrace of this beloved herb.

Image Credit: @spiciest.memess/Instagram

Since you are really not having a good time, you decide to go all out and get as much as you can, which is something we can relate to. Your environment transforms into a lavender paradise, but despite the abundance of this aromatic herb, the stress lingers.