40+ Travel Memes That Make Us Wanna Book A Flight To Somewhere Exotic

By Ridwan S

This article was originally published on travelerdoor

After working round the clock for an entire year, the idea of getting away from the office becomes an intriguing and appealing thought. You begin to anticipate your time on the yacht, chatting about every and anything with your loved ones. You smile as you pack your bag and say goodbye to work, even if it’s just for the weekend. Travelling boosts our happiness, relieves stress, and helps replenish our energy so that we can live highly-spirited lives again afterward, and return to the office with new enthusiasm Asides from traveling being soothing itself, memes about traveling are another relaxing thing that reminds us of the fun of vacations. Ordinarily, memes make you laugh, but memes about traveling can be as exciting and fun to read as traveling itself. In this article, we have collected hilarious vacation memes for your entertainment and to inspire you to book your next trip. Check out our rib-cracking list of vacation memes below.

Don’t we all?

Boredom can make you do a lot of strange things. One of which is making you search for flights for a December trip at the beginning of February. However, we don’t think this should be seen as a negative- we call this proper planning. It also gives you something to look forward to when the winter blues kick in.

Image courtesy: soloyolo.in/Instagram

Although prices might change, you will also at least have an idea of what it will cost you to travel. So the next time works get tiring, pick up your phone and check up the prices of flights to Paris. While you are at it, check out hotel availability too.

Life is a circus

Anticipating a trip is as exciting as going on the trip itself, if not more. Yet, planning a trip with friends is much more thrilling, especially when the trip might never happen. We find it entertaining when we sit with friends to make plans for a tour of the world.

Image courtesy: defibrilator_memes/Instagram

This year makes it the fifth year in a row we have been planning it, and we still haven’t got bored yet. Each time the subject comes up, we put in our best efforts to add new things to our itinerary. Hopefully, one day, we will book our tickets and start the tour in reality.

Three’s a crowd

Look, we love our friends, and traveling with them (or planning to travel) is always a good time. However, there is a time and place for hanging out with friends, and a romantic bae-cation is not one of those times.

Image courtesy: viatravelers.com

Sadly, some of our friends don’t get that memo. They always hang around a little bit too long and can’t seem to see the glares we throw at them. Despite all of that, we love their silly antics and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Help us out

Just when you think you have gotten over spending too much on your last trip, the airline emails you. The annoying thing is, they send you an email claiming they are with you in this. Then, you suddenly remember how much extra they charged you for your overweight suitcase.

Image courtesy: brandyfragile/Instagram

At this point, you wince because you recall what you paid for your luggage, with no discounts at all. Also, you know that despite the claims of this email, they will collect the complete charges for your next flight. Hence, you choose not to be comforted by their mail at all.

The Excitement gives us Energy

Workday mornings are the most stressful time of the day. We always need to forgo ourselves long hours of beauty sleep to chase the monthly paycheque. Each day, we blame whoever decided that 8 am was the best time to start work – what happened to whenever you like?

Image courtesy: hostelpass/Instagram

However, tell us we are going on a trip, and we will be ready and waiting at the airport by 5 am. Thankfully, we won’t ever have to go on a vacation with our boss. Because then he might actually realize that we can be early risers when it suits us.

They Grow Up So Fast

Vacation is the time to spend lavishly and forget about debit alerts. All you do on vacations is, swipe your card. The realization of how much you spent only sets in the minute you get back home. Now you turn into an accountant, trying so hard to balance the books.

Image courtesy: livingwithfrancisco/Instagram

Sadly, it’s too late, and you have now incurred some major debts because of the expenses from your last vacation. Now you look at your debts, and all you see is a grown child born by your travel experience. And just as kids grow up so fast, so do debts accumulate.

Just Don’t Think About It

Ordinarily, you should work on a budget before traveling, such as figuring out exactly how much you can afford to spend, but that can be boring. It is more fun to skip all rational thought and book your flights impulsively. Others may call it spontaneous spending, but we call it insurance – it solidifies your travel plans.

Image courtesy: studentfybcn/Instagram

Believe us, you won’t want to try and cancel the tickets and try to get your money back, so no matter the odds, you will eventually travel. Smart move, if we can say so ourselves. Hence, the next time you consider getting away from work, remember the first step is to book that flight.

The Perfect Vacation Home

Looking for the best accommodation to enjoy your vacation from makes it to our lists of stressful tasks to complete before departure. You have to choose the most comfortable place, close to exciting tourist attractions in your travel destination. This is why this meme got us laughing sheepishly.

Image courtesy: innermonolog510/Instagram

The meme shows a house, just a stone’s throw away from a beach. From the estimate, you will spend about 5 minutes if you walk. Yet, if that is too long for you, try the other option, which is just 8 seconds but possibly with injuries. The choice is all yours.

Every Minute Counts

The holiday is over, and now you need to get ready to face the reality of life and work. Sadly, the first step to this is checking out of your vacation home – the hotel room. Nevertheless, you deserve to spend every last minute of your time relaxing and enjoying your expensive vacation.

Image courtesy: livingwithfrancisco/Instagram, federicograziati/Instagram, and FStill Fotografia/Shutterstock

You paid for this, and making every minute of your holiday count was the goal, so you should do just that. Enjoy every luxury the hotel has to offer to the very last second. Just make sure you are all packed and ready to leave once it’s time to check out.

Out of Sight, Out of Debt

After spending your entire savings and more to settle your travel expenses, seeing your credit app begins to annoy you. Now you start to look for the solution to clearing your debts entirely, and deleting the app seems perfect. Unfortunately, we have some not-so-good news for you, buddy.

Image courtesy: livingwithfrancisco/Instagram

Out of sight isn’t really out of mind- Your debt balance won’t disappear when you delete the app. Debts will not be erased, even if you get a new phone and download another app. Are you surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be. Just work towards paying your debts, and you will get the peace of mind you desire.

Why Didn’t Anyone Warn Us?

Weight gain can be unbelievably disappointing sometimes; you’ll only spend two weeks on a trip and come back weighing 20lbs more. Now, you have to recount how many snacks and carbs you had on your vacation – pretty exhausting. Suddenly, you start feeling guilty for not visiting the hotel gym during your trip.

Image courtesy: livingwithfrancisco/Instagram

The effort you put into getting your banging summer body has now gone down the drain. Quite unfair that your body could not respect that you, its captain, is on holiday. Just regular vacation snacking and, now you need to find ways to shed the extra weight – again! Shame!

It Doesn’t Even Have a Lid

Before you know the costs of flight tickets and hotels, you’d promise yourself that you will tour the world once you start working. Surprisingly, you start earning a bit of cash, and then you realize that every penny counts and shouldn’t be splurged without thought. Accounting for every kobo now becomes your guiding principle.

Image courtesy: hostelpass/Instagram

Whenever you remember your desire to travel the world as a teenager, you smirk. Since you started earning your paycheques, you haven’t had the luxury of funds for vacations as you once presumed. Conservation of funds is your priority – tells us why you will be worried about Tupperware.

They’re Very Important Memories

One of the saddest things about gadgets is inadequate storage capacity. There is nothing as heartbreaking as seeing “low storage/ no storage” space on your phone or camera. Seeing the “no storage” notification gets you thinking about which files you should delete — it’s never your pictures folder.

Image courtesy: hostelpass/Instagram

Although you know the space is occupied majorly by pictures, you will pray to find other things you can delete. After searching tirelessly, you decide to keep your numerous vacation pictures at the expense of your bank documents. Thankfully, you have created space to keep more memories.

Whatever It Takes

Experiencing discomfort flying on a budget airline can ruin your plans. You have decided never to fly cheap flights that will restrict your comfort. However, when yet another chance to save some extra cash surfaced, you hop on the next budget flight.

Image courtesy: hostelpass/Instagram

After all, your financial advisor has been talking to you about cutting down on your expenses — here is your chance. All you have to do now is manage the discomforts for the period of your trip. Think of this as the price you need to pay to enjoy your vacation. 

Weren’t We All?

Working is stressful. We need to all agree that it is just an unnecessary and torturing activity. Nobody deserves to be working as hard as we all do in our 9-5s without vacation. We don’t want to be working at all — we prefer a fun-filled, work-free lifestyle.

Image courtesy: hostelpass/Instagram

The life we signed up for is not this stress-filled, 9-5 lifestyle. Whatever happened to waking up on a yacht daily, drinking wine, and eating caviar? We’d choose to spend our time swimming in turquoise waters instead of working all day. Work-life is not for us.

And We’re Just as Upset When They Do

Airlines can sometimes be inconsiderate, changing their prices without considering their customers’ plans — such a selfish act. We all need to agree and come together to fight these unpleasantries. Seeing changes in the prices of flights you hope to take in the future can literally spoil your entire day.

Image courtesy: hostelpass/Instagram and MOODMAN/Giphy.com

Although you are not booking this flight immediately, these minor changes are bad for your plans — every dollar counts. We believe we can’t be the only ones that break down whenever we notice changes in ticket prices. Afterward, we prefer to blame the airline for our failed trip.

We are Not the Same

Generally, life is not fair to us all. While some of us are working tirelessly to afford plane tickets, others get to travel first class as a birthday gift. Worst still, they don’t have to do anything special to earn it, only be a child to a wealthy father. 

Image courtesy: livingwithfrancisco/Instagram

Hopping on a plane for vacations is so easy for these people that we consider it their superpowers. Here is a privilege that we truly envy and would give anything to have. Hence, we are officially putting it out there; we would love to be adopted by Elon Musk.


Left to us, this should not even be an offense at all. After all, you went on a vacation to feel relaxed and ease your stress. Also, you already paid for the hotel, and the fee allows you to use all the amenities the hotel has. Thankfully, it includes drawers.

Image courtesy: harambelegacy27/Instagram and artursadlos.artstation.com

So when next you are on a trip, feel free to unpack your clothes and put them in the drawer. No one would penalize you for doing so. We are more than happy to tell you that it is your right. You are not a serial killer!

Jealous Much?

This is quite hilarious, but sadly, we understand this person’s pain. Surfing the internet during summer might be frustrating when you have to work. You will see numerous pictures of people enjoying their time on vacation. Unfortunately, this summer is dedicated to your boss.

Image courtesy: fantasticfool/Instagram

We hope you enjoy your “hotdog” vacation with your boss and create loads of memories to last you the whole year. Make sure you don’t get overly jealous with pictures of others dancing on the yacht. Hopefully, this time next year, you will be out on a beach, too.

Check Every Pocket

Searching for important objects like your passport can be taxing. You’ll check every nook and cranny and even look into your fridge or shoe rack, hoping you’ll find it soon. The frustrating thing about it is this stash of paper won’t even speak out. It will just be lying silently somewhere.

Image courtesy: hostelpass/Instagram

At least it should say a simple “I am here,” but it won’t. Therefore, you will need to continue your search. Don’t forget to check in the pockets of your jackets and underneath your bed. Take care not to freak out or break things during your search.

Late to Being Early

If you’re a late riser, then you probably have a schedule figured out to allow yourself some lazy time in the morning. But when it comes to appointments and flights, one can never get up early enough. Even early risers will find themselves scrambling to wake up earlier than usual and get to the airport in time.

Image courtesy: growingbritish/Instagram and MulaMovieclips/YouTube

Some of you probably know this stress, whether it is from your parents or your own travel plans. The meme says they got to the airport at 6 am for a 4 pm flight — that’s 10 hours of waiting. We pray they don’t get tired of waiting to board. Hopefully, they have something to munch on while waiting. 

Is This Enough?

When our partner pays for travel tickets, that’s on the top of our love language lists. We love traveling; hence, sentences like “travel as much as you can” and “is this enough” will always excite us. Our mood goes from zero to a hundred whenever we get the chance to go on all-expense-paid trips.

Image courtesy: hostelpass/Instagram

We will gladly resign from our 9-5 if we ever get a chance to tour the world for a living. The expression on Kermit represents our feeling whenever we discover our savings can’t afford to pay for our trips. No matter how much we have saved up, it never seems to be enough.

This Isn’t Even Everything

The phrase “packing light” isn’t in our dictionary. Honestly, the statement is amongst the most confusing travel languages we hate hearing, especially when you want to cut costs. It makes packing even more difficult you then start thinking, “I might need that.”

Image courtesy: turnerclassicmeme/Instagram

Therefore, to avoid spending money unnecessarily on the trip, you put whatever you think you need into your bag. Sadly, once you put one set of clothes and a pair of shoes in your suitcase, it gets filled up. In the blink of an eye, the luggage becomes numerous and heavy.

At Least Someone Is Prepared

Traveling with someone who is not as enthusiastic about the trip as you are can be a big task. You will need to bring such persons up to date with all the exciting plans you made for the journey. Hopefully, they will understand the schedule and match your energy before the trip begins.

Image courtesy: hostelpass/Instagram

Nobody deserves to go on trips with partners who will make the ambiance unpleasant. You deserve someone that will motivate you to do all the items on your itinerary. Sometimes, our moods can betray us, so we will need someone who will be more active than us. 

Just Pretend You Didn’t See It

Some bosses fail to understand the meaning, and even the importance, of weekends. If they did, they would not send emails Friday evening. The weekend starts on Friday at about noon, and we wouldn’t attend to anything work after. Requesting our expertise after then would be seeking trouble.

Image courtesy: half.theta/Instagram

Even if the email is from the boss, it doesn’t make it less of a crime. The best thing to do is ignore the email and enjoy our weekend. Whatever it is can and should wait till 8 am on Monday when we get back to work.

You Never Know

Packing for a trip is a hectic task. You can never seem to pack the right stuff for a trip; there will always be something left behind, even if you feel like you overpacked. Sadly, you will never know you left some things behind until you need them during your vacation.


Image courtesy: thisiwisingle/Instagram

Funnily, you will pack other things you wouldn’t need on the trip — like three ballgowns. What is certain is that you might never even use one ball gown, let alone multiple, and you will have forgotten to pack an extra pair of pants for the trip.

An Impossible Task

We find it very easy to relate to this image, and it supports our claims that working isn’t meant for us. After spending about 48 hours outside the work environment, it becomes hard to remember what our job is. We try to find the job description pamphlet and start asking our colleagues hilarious questions.

Image courtesy: ketoing.life/Instagram

Questions like how to perform our tasks and how things work in the office. This happens every time we go on a vacation, even if it was just for the weekend. It then becomes hectic to get familiarized with work again.

Catch Me If You Can

We find it unbelievable that anyone would advise peace-loving humans like us to get a job. Working is stressful and highly demanding. It isn’t ideal for those who love traveling as much as we do. This is why we would never listen to such advice.

Image courtesy: hostelpass/Instagram

The best thing to do in situations like these is to ignore them. But, if you must reply to them, we will advise you to say something such as “traveling is my job.” We can’t all be working tirelessly — some of us have to tour the world.

You Got This, Mama

The stress of going on vacations with kids can ruin the fun of the trip if not well managed. You still have to be responsible for the welfare of your wards even though you are away and trying to relax. The itinerary of the trip must be structured to include kids.

Image courtesy: outofcontrolparental/Instagram

It will be unfair to take your children to places they might not like or can’t even go to. However, try not to forget that the purpose of this trip is to relieve your stress. Therefore, find inclusive relaxation methods for you and the children.

Sorry, Not Sorry

Co-workers do the most when they know you are on vacation. If care isn’t taken, you will work remotely while officially on vacation. To solve this, you can feign vacation-induced work amnesia the minute you start your holiday. Ensure that you tell your colleagues about this condition to prepare their minds.

Image courtesy: katewithtwolastnames/Instagram

If anyone calls after you informed them, make a cute puppy face and tell them, “Buddy, I am on vacation.” Funnily this is the best thing about being on vacation to us. We get to ignore all work emails without feeling guilty. We don’t open our emails on holiday.

We’re Cringing With You

“You too” will make it to our list of programmed answers any time, any day. We subconsciously reply “you too” to greetings sometimes, while other times it is due to the lack of better responses. Honestly, it just seems like the easiest reply to most greetings.

Image courtesy: hostelpass/Instagram

Like in the case of this meme, we wouldn’t put it past ourselves to give this same reply. Even when our brain warns us against it, we will still go ahead with it. In our defense, we think the employee is used to hearing this reply by now.

Breakfast of Champions

Vacations are for breaking every rule you know. There is only one special rule you should abide by during your holiday — “do whatever makes you happy, whenever you feel like.” Hence, drinking before breakfast is allowed; you can call it an appetizer if it pleases you.

Image courtesy: werruaways/Instagram

Also, remember that there is no work today or even tomorrow, so you don’t have to be scared of hangovers. Drink as much as you like — if you want, you can substitute it for water. You might not have the chance to drink this much again when you resume your workweek.

Every Time

Having babies on the plane can mean different things. These cute creatures don’t have a stable pattern of behavior. You can’t predict what their next line of action would be. Sometimes, babies might choose to sleep throughout the flight and then you will think, wow, that’s peaceful.

Image courtesy: minimaly.posters/Instagram

While, some other times, you will have to deal with the cries and screams of a baby throughout the entire flight. No matter how much you pamper them, they will keep crying. Their noise might give you headaches throughout the flight, making you (and your neighbors) hate your flight experience.

Got a Problem?

The cost of luggage when traveling can be financially draining; imagine how much you will pay for your 60-pound luggage bag. So you will understand what it means when your airline gives you a free luggage ticket. However, the offer came with the condition of just your “personal luggage” being free.

Image courtesy: hostelpass/Instagram and Comedy Central UK/YouTube

Thankfully, the term “personal item” is subjective. So only you get to decide which of your luggage is “personal.” This meme is a pictorial representation of what most people do when trying to reduce their luggage to a single, free item — wear whatever you can to make room in your personal item.

Revenge of the Tacos and Pina Coladas

After enjoying every junk food you could get during your vacation with no attention to any other things, your months of exercising goes to waste. Getting to the gym to rectify the unwanted changes, you realize you have forgotten the basic processes. However, you want to change what the scales say.

Image courtesy: orangetheorylol/Instagram

Thanks to loads of junk you ate on your trip, your months of exercising have now gone to waste. When we said do whatever you like on your trip, we didn’t say eat all the tacos and piña coladas. Now, you have to start exercising all over again.

Just Kidding!

When countries opened their borders again, some of us couldn’t wait to book flights, while others preferred to exercise more patience and travel later; they wanted to ease back into travel slowly. But not us! We couldn’t pack our bags fast enough.

Image courtesy: hostelpass/Instagram

We booked the next available flight to any location if only to change our environment. Staying indoors for almost a year was not something we or anyone else planned for, and it was hectic. Therefore we couldn’t let go of the first opportunity to travel.

No Such Thing as a Day Off

As a small business owner, you have to do everything to ensure that the business thrives. Unfortunately, that might mean that you do not take any breaks away from work. Even when you decide to travel out of town, you still need to respond to all work requests.

Image courtesy: small.business.memes/Instagram

This meme represents what it looks like for small business owners who refuse to let work deny them of their much-needed vacations. They would have to create time for work on their travel schedule to ensure nothing goes wrong. We can’t tell if the expression on this man’s face is from the work overload or the soggy business suit.

Which One Do You Choose?

As adults, we have to make numerous decisions daily. You have to choose your outfit, make a choice between seeing your friends or completing your task at the office. The list of decisions we make is seemingly endless. However, when on vacation, our task list is much shorter.

Image courtesy: hostelpass/Instagram

Now, you don’t have to choose between your friends and work. You can wear whatever you like — there is no dress code on vacation. The only decisions left are how many piña coladas you’ll have that day, and whether you’ll choose a window or aisle seat — lovely!

Take Us Back

Facebook memories can be so cruel, especially when you are working and it reminds you of your travel history. It will show pictures you uploaded when you were more relaxed during your travels. Sadly, this year you don’t have the luxury of time to travel so, all you have are these memories. 

Image courtesy: hostelpass/Instagram

You will wish you have the time to make new memories in different places. However, they can only remain wishes as you have tons of work staring at you. Hopefully, next summer you get the time to go with friends to the beach and not drown in work.

You Know You Do It, Too

This particular crime, we are all guilty of it. The first thing we do in our hotel room is survey the environment. After we confirm that the amenities and aesthetics meet our standard, we will keep saying, “wow, this is nice.” All these we do while taking pictures and videos, of course.

Image courtesy: nimesaymeme/Instagram

After this, we put a call through to our friends to show them our new home for the next few days or weeks. We then go ahead and discuss our flight experience and crack jokes about being free from work. Hotels are the best part of our vacation.

Better Pack the Whole Ensemble

One of the funniest things you experience when packing for your trip is confusion. You start to wonder if six sneakers would be enough or you should pack more. Meanwhile, during the year when you’re at home, you never wear more than two — what a contradiction.

Image courtesy: hostelpass/Instagram

You will pack plenty of things that will end up becoming useless with the excuse of “I will need them.” We need to find out why this is always the case for all journeys. Each time you promise yourself you won’t overpack, but you still fall for it every time.

It’s Called Travel Therapy

We have found out from our experience that the best time to book a flight is when you are sad or bored. During these times, you don’t get to think about the cost or other important things. What you want is to travel; go to a new environment to clear your mind.

Image courtesy: hostelpass/Instagram

We would like to believe that this is what most people do, too. Therefore, our first reply to a therapist asking us this same question would also be, “flight booked.” Surprisingly this therapist disagrees with our all-time solution. We wonder what their reason for disagreeing would be…

Oh So Relaxing

Sometimes our choice of a quiet relaxation might not be as peaceful in the literary sense. This is because other people also consider such places a perfect relaxation center. Hence, we end up being with a crowd large enough to start a crusade in our supposed quiet location.

Image courtesy: hostelpass/Instagram

However, that doesn’t matter. All that matters is that we find peace in these environments. So we proceed to enjoy ourselves away from the crowd. Unfortunately for the man in this meme, he seems to be drowning rather than swimming. Call it a beach day gone wrong.