Disney Delights: 35+ Relatable Memes Courtesy Of The House Of Mouse

By Jishnu B

This article was originally published on comicsenz

Disney is timeless. Whether you like the corporation or not, you have to admit how iconic they are. Every kid who has access to television has watched at least one Disney movie, and a trip to Disney World is every kid’s dream. Actually, it’s not just kids. Grown-ups love Disney, too. There are adults who love it a bit too much. If you’ve heard of “Disney Adult,” you know what we’re talking about.

What makes Disney so timeless and universally beloved is perhaps their ability to incorporate relatable ideas in their works. Disney movies age fine like wine. You can watch Disney as a kid and enjoy it. However, you’ll enjoy it even more when you rewatch the movies and recognize the hidden details embedded in them. For this listicle, we have gathered some relatable Disney memes for your enjoyment.

All images in the article are courtesy of Disney Memes on Facebook.


The Disney princesses are probably the most famous creation made by the animation company. They have a timeless beauty and elegance that no one else could replicate. We have all had moments where we sang and danced while pretending to be a Disney princess. 

Sadly, this no-nonsense library has no time for such romanticism. We all recall the iconic scene from Beauty and the Beast in which Belle sang while swinging from a ladder in a library. This library won’t allow such tom-foolery. However, you might get a No-belle Prize if you stay on your best behavior. 

Realistic Relationship

When Salem Ilese sang, “I’m mad at Disney. Disney, they tricked me, tricked me,” we all felt it deep within our hearts. Disney has been accused of giving children unrealistic expectations of what romance looks like. The truth is love is not all sunshine and rainbows. 

We’re not even talking about their ages or unwanted kisses—we’re looking at you, Snow White and Prince Phillip. Relationships are filled with indecision, lazy afternoons, and canceled date nights. Longing stares that last for hours and kisses that make birds sing don’t happen in real life.

Evil Queen

The Evil Queen from Snow White will forever be a legend. She is the one who popularized the concept of female antagonists with magical power. Over the years, many villains have been made based on her. However, no one ever managed to reach her level as an icon.

She can also be highly relatable and, honestly, a bit of an inspiration. Every morning she validates herself by looking in the mirror and hyping herself up. She is also annoyed whenever someone she dislikes dares to be in her presence. Same, girl.


We’d like to argue that the most dangerous addiction is a cellphone with good internet. We know this from first-hand experience. Ever since we got our first phone in the early 2000s, we haven’t been able to put it down.

Having access to wifi probably sealed the deal for us. When both are out, though, you can bet we’ll be scrambling to get access to our precious internet once again. You’ll often see people jumping around with their devices up in the air whenever the connection is bad. 


Before we knew of Pedro Pascal, this adorable chameleon was the Pascal that we longed for back in 2010. What’s not to love about him? He is loyal, he’s funny, he’s highly intelligent, and he provides you with emotional support when you need it. 

Rapunzel is lucky to have him as a sidekick. We humans are not the only ones who find Pascal relatable. Our pets can sympathize with this photo. After all, they also go through the torture of wearing costumes every Halloween.


We previously mentioned how Disney movies usually age fine like wine (except for a select few that aged like milk). We think that, as adults, you should take some time and rewatch those classic Disney movies. There are many details that are dropped specifically for adults. 

Speaking of wines, Beauty and the Beast made a spectacular wine pun, and we didn’t even notice until our first rewatch decades later. Telling a bunch of wine glasses not to whine is perhaps the subtlest yet the funniest pun in the world.


Memes are a rather new concept. It may have been invented all the back in the ’70s, but it became mainstream only in recent decades. Therefore, the target audience for these memes is youngsters like us. Postmodern humor is not for the older generation. 

Hence, things like memes usually fly over their heads. We have to verbally explain and help them comprehend what a meme is trying to say. However, this meme required no explanation for our mother. She saw it and felt it in her soul. 


Hades from Hercules was a gem of a villain. Unlike other villains, he didn’t sabotage his own plans. That was Pain and Panic’s fault. Not to mention, he had the patience and forethought for a decades-long plot. The Greek god of death is not someone you’d want to mess with. 

Yet, Hades makes it incredibly difficult to hate him due to how charming and sassy he is. Death had never been so inviting. This man is criminally relatable, other than the murderous plots. We’d love to have a beer with him—regardless of the risk of getting killed.


There are two kinds of tattoos: wholesome and cringy. The former includes pretty, meaningful, inspiring tattoos that people want to look at all day long. The latter, however, usually means some regrettable tattoo from a night out or done by a bad artist.

If there were an “ugly yet genius tattoo” contest, this man would win without a doubt. We have a feeling this man is someone’s dad. If not, this level of devotion to dad jokes without being a dad should be semi-concerning.


Anyone who claims that they dislike drama is a colossal liar. We should know since we often tell that lie. However, we know very well that we live for some good drama. We love observing conflict as long as we are detached from the situation. 

We hate drama only when we are involved in it. We loathe and love the person who invented screenshots. Their creation is what provokes and solves modern conflicts. Hence, there is an ample amount of entertainment for all of us.


One of Disney writers’ best skills is crafting a good villain. Over the years, they made many Machiavellian, morally bankrupt, and morally gray antagonists that we hate to love and love to hate. When you watch them as a kid, you fear them resolutely…

However, you start relating to them as an adult, no matter how devilish they are. Take Scar from The Lion King, for example. This lion made us lose sleep when we were kids. Yet we, too, find ourselves massaging our temples in endless frustration.


Nobody does family like Disney. From Lilo and Stitch to Encanto to Brave, everyone can find a Disney/Pixar family unit they can relate to. Only kids? Check. Dysfunctional families? Yup. Overwhelmingly pet-filled household? Yes again. Evil back-stabbing relatives? You betcha.

We will never understand siblings’ unforgivable talent for adapting. Pascal the chameleon has nothing on our sibling who can change colors in a second. Outside, they act like an angel. But we’re the only ones who know how much of a clown they truly are.


People say breaking up with your soulmate is the worst kind of pain—we cannot vouch for it, as we are yet to meet our soulmate. But we disagree. These people have clearly never bought a product at full price, only for it to lower in price the next day. 

Spending our hard-earned money on something is already painful enough. Watching it go on sale is nothing less than a slap on the face. We get you, Belle. We bawled our eyes out the same way when the price of chicken went down the day after we went to Walmart.


So many bills, yet so little money. Everyday middle-class folks like us rebuke capitalism. The rich are getting richer, while the poor are getting poorer. However, moments like this make us understand why capitalists are as money-hungry as they are.

There could never be enough money in the world. Not even Bill Gates or Elon Musk feel that they have done enough. Even if they deny their thirst for money, we refuse to believe it—especially when the bills take away every last penny of our salary.


The alarm clock in phones is simultaneously the best and the worst thing that has happened to humanity. It is very helpful for lazy people like us who find it very difficult to wake up. The constant ringing in our ears pushes us to wake up.

However, if you are literally anyone else, it will be a nightmare for you. Imagine trying to get some extra sleep on a Sunday morning while your sibling’s or SO’s alarm keeps going off. We would wake them up and proceed to disown them.


Oh, how we miss the sweet days of being an ignorant child. Back then, we had dreams as well as happiness. Little us thought the world was our oyster and we could do anything we wanted. Turns out, we were idiots. 

Growing up made us face the harsh reality, and we keep wishing we could go back to the days of ignorance. We finally see the appeal of Peter Pan when we are presented with bills every month. The idea of never growing up really sounds ideal. 


Every child had a phase in which they thought they were a highly talented potion master. The Harry Potter universe and Severus Snape are the ones who egged on this delusion for us. We should know since, for Mother’s Day, we gave our mom a serum, which gave her an impressive skin rash.

Every weekend the shampoos, lotions, and ointments would go missing since we tried to produce a product that could both smoothen your skin, wash your hair, and raise your salary. Sadly, all we came up with was an abomination. Bless our mother for not disowning us. 

Nancy Venya

Those who think photos don’t have sound have definitely never seen a Disney movie. They also most likely live under a rock. Even Patrick the starfish can hear this image. If you know anything about The Lion King, you know what’s going on. 

You should also be able to hear the iconic African music playing as this sunset appears on the screen. Truly, nothing will ever beat “Circle of Life” as the best song done by Disney. There is something utterly unforgettable about it.

Hard Cut To…

Timon is possibly one of the most lovable characters from any Disney cast. There is rarely a dull moment when he appears on screen. When Timon comes up, even Simba can take a backseat in our hearts in favor of the quirky meerkat.

The Lion King is still one of the greatest animated movies ever made due to its great visuals, music, and storytelling that were ahead of its time. Take, for example, Timon’s impromptu Hula. In just a few seconds, he stood up for drag culture—an impressive feat for the ’90s.


Disney is a master of creating complex characters for their movies. It’s not just the visuals and the music; the writing is also what makes Disney the legend it is today. Over the years, they made many sarcastic characters who can dish out burns without breaking a sweat.

Many think that Chandler Bing’s scathing sarcasm came from his childhood trauma. However, our personal belief is that Chandler watched an ample amount of Disney movies in his youth. Even the sweetest of Disney fairies can give you a verbal 3rd degree burn. 

Puppy-Dog Eyes

When our forefathers tamed and domesticated wild wolves, they probably never anticipated the knees of their descendants going weak at the sight of a puppy. Yet here we are, worshiping our pupper. Puppies are dangerous creatures, if you ask us.

One glance at those sweet eyes will test your resolve to the highest. However, when the puppy dog eyes staring right back look like this, it’s game over. The owner of this angel probably never trained her since they are too weak for these eyes.


Maleficent was done dirty. Even Disney themselves knew it. Hence, they made a live-action reboot of Maleficent after casting the devastatingly beautiful Angelina Jolie. However, in our humble opinion, it’s not enough. This iconic witch deserves way more than this.

When you think about it, Aurora’s parents are the ones who messed up by cutting Maleficent from the guest list. Literally everyone in the land was invited except for her. Talk about an insult! Had she been invited, she would have most certainly given the baby princess the best blessing.


Those of us that are still active on Facebook feel this emotion fairly often. It is kind of embarrassing, yet there is nothing to be ashamed about since this is universally prevalent. All of us secretly think that we’re the funniest person on earth. 

Average Joes like us get ten to fifteen reactions to the memes we share on Facebook. Yet those are such an ego boost for some reason. We keep checking it over and over to see if someone new has reacted to our post.


It’s hilarious how this is universally true. Fridges are possibly one of the greatest inventions of mankind. The technique of chilling food and preserving them for long periods of time is simply genius. The person who invented it should be revived and given a Nobel prize. 

They’re also imbued with a bit of mundane magic—how else do you explain the universal attraction they hold at midnight? We keep opening and closing them over and over again. Perhaps we unconsciously think that a fairy godmother would bless us and fill up our empty fridge with an abundance of food.


You might say that we are exaggerating by comparing our hair to that of Merida, who has one of the wildest hair in animating history. However, that is because you have never actually witnessed the monstrosity that is our hair.

Even a bird’s nest looks tame compared to what we have on our head. Even on the nicest of days it looks as if we barely survived a tornado. However, we have long accepted that not everyone can have Ariel’s luscious red locks.


Every day we pray to the almighty so that the creator of Frozen ends up in the heavens for making the wonder that is Olaf. This snowman who loves warm hugs is perhaps the best thing that happened in cinematic history.

We don’t care if you call Anna or Elsa overrated. However, if you say one bad word about Olaf, it’s on. Do not be too surprised if we greet you with a punch. Some people are worth melting for and we’ll gladly melt for Olaf. 


It is a common joke among millennials that people stopped being born after the year 2000. We as a generation refuse to acknowledge that we are ancient and people who were born in 2003 are currently twenty years old. How is that even possible? 

You can also imagine how Gen Z perceives us. To them, we are ancient beings who are millenniums old since we were born in the 20th century. Therefore, this meme can be quite scary to people who are either old or have old souls.


It doesn’t matter which language it is, the word “mom” will always be the sweetest word ever. The relationship between mother and child is one of the purest things in the world. Therefore, you should treasure it while it lasts. 

Almost all of us have had instances where we annoyed our mother by calling for her for no reason. It is one of the sweetest periods of our lives where we had not much worry about and we had our mother hovering over us protectively.


If you ever meet someone who says they like Mondays, you need to call the cops and then proceed to run for the hills. No offense, but only psychopaths find the appeal of a Monday morning. Monday is the holiday of satan. 

Having optimism is acceptable only if it is broken within the two-hour mark. If you end up enjoying a Monday instead of being miserable, there is something wrong with you. It could be that, or you just found a very nice job that you genuinely love.


Morning people are a marvel that we will never understand. They say there is a beauty about the morning sun. We have woken up at dawn many times and witnessed the morning sun. We can vouch that the morning sun is beyond overrated.

We would instead prefer having an hour of extra sleep. Personally, we cannot trust morning people. Most importantly, they are a bit too energetic for our lethargic souls. Therefore, for once we cannot relate to Rapunzel. We’re Tiana all the way, here.


This man was one of the most menacing villains of Disney and you cannot convince us otherwise. Many claim that Jafar is a bit comically villainous for their taste. However, the seven-year-old us had trouble sleeping at night due to this man. 

There is something about his endless greed that scared the daylight out of us. Even the blue genie seemed like a street kitten to us compared to Jafar. Jafar’s name has long been a subject of jokes. You’ll see a plethora of memes like this on the internet.


No one cares about your appearance more than yourself—we learned that crucial lesson the hard way. We learned not to take pictures with others and not give them permission to post said picture without checking with us beforehand if they could share it.

Trust us; you will thank us tremendously when you are saved from social humiliation. Our former crush once blocked us on Facebook due to an unfortunate tagged photo posted by our friend. Jeremy, if you’re seeing this, please know that we look dashing in person.

Daily Grind

One would say that technology has made our lives easier, and therefore, we do not have to work as much. However, middle-class folks like us would beg to differ. The need to work harder has probably never been more intense.

The hustle culture of the 21st century is so prominent. We all need a break like this scene from Winnie the Pooh. Sometimes we need to take a break, drink some tea, and chat with our friends while in a snuggly blanket.


As aunts and uncles, it is our sacred duty to teach our nieces and nephews the fun part of life. Parents are morally obligated to not teach children things that are considered unholy. However, people like us have no such constraints. 

The uncles and aunties should strive to become funcles and funties (apologies for the cringe). It is our duty to teach our nieces and nephews the forbidden words. For example, we trained our niece to call our brother a “dumdum” instead of “dada” in a span of two hours. 

Of Books And Their Covers

Disney has taught us not to judge the book by its cover (yet ironically, all of the Disney princesses have the ideal runway body). The Toy Story series successfully embedded this important life lesson in our heads once and for all. 

Even as a child, we found those baby dolls to be creepy. The only humanesque dolls we could tolerate are Barbies. Therefore, you could understand how much this baby/spider scared us. However, they are actually sweethearts. On the contrary, Lotso, the sweet-looking pink teddy bear, is nothing less than the spawn of the devil. 


Life imitates art and art imitates life. You might claim that Queen Elsa is the art and the gecko is the form that imitated it. However, in our humble opinion, the gecko is an art piece. Just look at his flare.

Elsa is fabulous; however, she could never replicate his level of sassiness. This kind of suaveness can only be found in the wild—literally. Also, is he not the cutest gecko? Usually, we stay several feet away from reptiles, but this sassy gecko is coaxing us to adopt one. 

Face slam

Oh yes, the typical face dive teenage Disney princesses do when life does not go their way. They make it seem attractive and effortless somehow. However, as someone who tried this at home… please do not try this at home. 

We took it a little too far and ended up hitting our heads against the headboard. We ended up with an ugly concussion. Things got uglier when our parents asked us how it happened. We obviously did not admit the truth.

Need No Man

Before 2010, classic Disney princesses had moments where they needed to act like damsels in distress. Even the ever-competent Meg identified herself as a damsel in distress. No matter how capable the female leads were, they fell indebted to the handsome male lead one way or the other.

It was every feminist’s nightmare. However, in the last decade, Disney let go of the notion of romantic partners of a Disney princess. It started with Elsa from Frozen. Later on, many other princesses, such as Moana, Merida, and Raya joined the #singleladies club.


This man is stronger than us. We would have passed out had we seen even the shadow of Rafiki on American soil. We also have a sneaking suspicion that the contractor who fixed and painted the pipes did this intentionally. 

It looks too well put together to be a coincidence. We would have thought it was time for us to move to the African wilderness and take over everything that the light touches. We wonder if this Rafiki has any wise advice for us to get our life on track.


We try our best to be considerate; we really do. However, we just know that one day we are going to die from the sheer rage we are withholding due to walking behind slow people. It is one of the most annoying things in the world. 

We could tolerate the elderly or disabled walking slowly. However, watching an able-bodied person walk slowly in a confined space is tortuous. We sincerely hope they step on a Lego and thus have a real reason to be that slow.

Cat Lady

The evil stepmother from Cinderella was called “evil” for a good reason. She has a vile personality shaped by vanity and jealousy. She sabotaged the orphaned daughter of her late husband and turned her own daughters into obnoxious, spoiled brats.

However, she still found a way to be relatable to us. As disgusting of a human being as she is, she adored her cat and lazy mornings. Perhaps that was the last speck of humanity left in her. Just like her, we love chilling and petting our cat as well.

Plot Twist

God bless this movie. Up to this day is one of the greatest movies we have ever seen. If you have not seen it, watch it immediately. You can thank us later. Just make sure you have some tissues nearby.

This small plot twist is only the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more that this movie can offer, though Dug is a gem by himself. You are going to wish you could erase your memory and watch this movie again.


No, this is not a mistake. We did not accidentally mix sitcoms with Disney classics. Disney themselves made the mistake when they acquired 20th Century Fox back in 2019. Hence, they have the distribution right to the timeless classic show. 

Currently, you can watch the show on Disney+. With that being said, this meme hurts our souls. Every kid that has access to the internet these days has a TikTok account (despite the fact that TikTok forbids underage users). We barely knew how to change channels on the radio when we were kids. 


There’s a running joke about Pixar films that states that the equation is always “what if x had feelings.” In 2006, we found out what it would look like if cars had feelings. Even if Lightning McQueen wasn’t always relatable, the way he put minimal energy into a chore hits home.

When he tore up the road, McQueen’s punishment was to repave it. Simple enough, right? Not if you’re a self-absorbed speed demon who’s eager to get out of Smalltown, USA. This picture is even more perfect since the driver has a red car.


We are definitely not the sharpest tools in the shed. Just look at any of our exam papers, and you’ll know what we mean. However, there are moments when seasoned foosl such as ourselves feel like the smartest person in the room.

Those moments are marvelous. However, you can imagine how abysmally idiotic everyone in the room has to be to make us feel smart. Sadly, we felt just like Buzz Lightyear many times while working on a group project. No one was surprised when we failed the class.