Catitude And Comedy: 35+ Hilariously Relatable Feline Internet Memes

By Jhoana C

Ah, felines! Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. They purr, rub themselves on you in an effort to get you to shower them with affection and do whatever they want. But a few minutes into the lovefest, they scratch your all over and try to bite your face off! They do a 365-degree turn without any warning.

As much as we love and hate them at the same time, we have a lot of things in common. If you’re not convinced, look through the memes we have compiled. These sometimes bizarre and inexplicable cat behaviors all point to our shared commonalities.

These highly relatable gems will make you giggle and nod as you acknowledge the accuracy. Those who have never owned cats may find them unbelievable, but we guarantee; they’re so on point!

#1 Is this a new species?

Scientists are baffled by the discovery of a new species that thrives on land. The newly discovered creature curiously resembles a cat and a seal. Earthlings like us will definitely be charmed by its long whiskers, soft fur, and purring sounds.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

Although it sleeps for the majority of the day, it can be dismissive when not in the mood and requires plenty of attention and care when awake. Also, ensure that you keep plenty of food in the house if you’re planning on adopting one.

#2 Thou shalt give me food!

Cats can be as affectionate as their canine counterparts. However, for reasons unknown, felines all over the world also have a reputation for being demanding and sometimes difficult to handle. Images like this perpetuate this notion. This kitty is cross, and we can think of numerous reasons why.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

It seems to be saying, “Where is my food, human? Why have you forgotten to feed me again?” Part and parcel of being a feline parent is taking on additional duties that include playing with them and feeding them repeatedly. Bow down, human!

#3 Summoning a cat

Science says that felines are superior to dogs where sensitivity to hearing is concerned. That explains why they can hear treat bags being opened from 10 miles away. Sometimes we imagine they’re like aliens with massive antennas on their heads, twitching at the slightest sound.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

However, summoning cats only works when they have the desire to be summoned. Sometimes you can shake the treat bag until you have carpal tunnel syndrome, but no furry creature will come to you. By now, humans should realize that only cats summon them, not the other way around.

#4 How to train your cat

There is an abundance of how-to articles and instruction materials on training your dogs the right way, and unsurprisingly, many dog owners get it right. Roll over, sit, play dead, and fetch the ball; most canines can do it all.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

This picture is the perfect summation of what it’s like when your heart is stolen by a feisty feline. Training a cat is an uphill battle and not for the faint of heart. Abandon hope all ye who enter here, as Dante might say.

#5 Who wouldn’t fall in love with this?

Monkey paws might frighten us and give us nightmares, but not kittens’ paws. One look at this photo, and we dare you not to fall in love. Thankfully for his human, this kitty’s claws are retracted, so there’s no risk of getting hurt.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

This photo reminds us of little raspberries and blackberries. Indeed, these are the only kind of mixed beans we are interested in because the others give us gas problems. These paws can waste all our time, and no complaints would be heard, only loving phrases.

#6 This has been foretold

Finally, the inspiration behind the Puma logo has been revealed. A trip to the wilderness of South America wasn’t the catalyst that resulted in the famous logo. Instead, it was a chance sighting of a black cat jumping out of a paper bag.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

Or is it the other way around? Since the first time the cat saw the logo, it wanted nothing more than to recreate it when given the chance. So, when the opportunity knocked on its door, it just couldn’t resist.

#7 Of wizardry and witchcraft

Although felines were deemed sacred in ancient Egypt because of their resemblance to the god Bastet, black cats were on the other end of the spectrum. People in the middle ages believed these poor kitties were demons or spirits that served as a witch’s companion.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

This image does nothing to dispel such beliefs. If anything, this is further proof that black felines are somehow involved in witchcraft and wizardry. The kitty was most likely caught in the middle of preparing to take flight and survey the countryside on its broom!

#8 Munchkins

Picture this; you’re looking forward to finally being home all weekend and not sparing a single thought to your pending deadline at work. You’re exhausted, but you come home to such a sight. Trust us when we say this adorable fellow has the power to increase your dopamine levels.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

It’s not even doing anything! It’s just rooted to its spot and looking at you as you cross the living room space. This cat surely has a lot of nice qualities, and yet we can only zoom in on its paws. We want nothing more than to squeeze it and shower it with love.

#9 No grandkids from this one

Reunions and special occasions can be especially unbearable for individuals with family members who’ve made it their mission in life to inquire about other people’s relationships or lack thereof. “Hi Georgia, how are you? When are you getting married? You’re pushing 40!”

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

“Your biological clock is running out. You better get to stepping. We want grandkids before we leave this Earth.” Little do they know you already have a munchkin at home! And fortunately for you, you’ll never have to ask the same invasive questions when you are a fur parent. A furry litter will surprise you.

#10 What creature is this?

You’re in a rut. Nothing new happens anymore, and the banality of your daily routine has you thinking of embarking on an adventure. Your humdrum life has you in search of anything that’ll ignite your lust for life once again. Luckily, your pet cats have felt it and are taking matters into their own paws.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

So one day, they greet you in jeans. Are they wearing jeans, or are the jeans wearing them? You can’t decide, but you’re laughing at their attempt to cheer you up and not leave them at their Grandma’s while you travel the world.

#11 Poor Kitty

You get into the tub with a glass of wine in hand, ready to soak and immerse yourself in total self-care, when you realize you left your phone in the living room. How are you going to pass the full 20 minutes without any connection to the world out there?

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

This has happened to us one too many times, and the realization comes right after we put that green detoxifying mask on our face and we’ve already gotten rid of our bathrobe. Oh, life! Sometimes things just don’t go as planned.

#12 Goodbye, little child

Ah, the unfortunate luck of wanting fluffy felines and having a child that has an allergic reaction to them. We implore you to truthfully answer the question, will you keep your cat or your child? There will be no judgment from us, whichever answer you choose.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

Sometimes children misbehave, especially when they become teenagers, and when you look back on this meme, you might regret your decision to keep them instead of leaving them on the side of a street in a strange town. You’ll ask yourself, “Why didn’t I just keep the cat?”

#13 The purrfect thing to wake up to in the morning

Too much importance has been placed on the presence of a significant other in our lives. A human significant other, to be specific. But the truth is, you can be just as happy spending your free time with furry pets and even books in some instances.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

Mornings are incredibly better when you wake up next to a fluffy and affectionate creature purring its heart out rather than someone asking you to make them breakfast immediately because they’re hungry. Out with the person and in with the cat.

#14 The cutest brain cells we have seen to date

There you are in front of your computer, the wheels of your brain turning and turning, yet nothing comes to it. A void has suddenly made your brain its new home. Procrastination is never a good thing. You should have started writing your dissertation early.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

Our last two brain cells would never look as relaxed, carefree, or adorable as these two kitties when cramming a month’s worth of work in two days. Lesson learned, writing a dissertation in two days is a futile exercise in productivity.

#15 When will that ring be found?

‘One ring to rule them all.’ This kitty must have taken that statement to heart, so it has carved time out of its busy schedule to trudge to the gold souq and offer its services in finding that one ring. Of course, a negotiation happened, and the kitty demanded an abundance of food.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

However, something tells us that this feline isn’t upholding its end of the bargain. Whoever paid for his service is getting the short end of the stick because it couldn’t be bothered to pretend to look for that one valuable ring.

#16 We didn’t notice the alarm

No problem, kitty, you’re not alone. We have all been through the same predicament. There we were, still in dreamland, when we heard the alarm ring. We don’t want to get out of bed yet, and we think we have more than enough time, so we hit the snooze button.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

We open our eyes after what seems like a 5-minute nap when we look at the clock and realize that an hour has passed. And that’s when you realize you are more than an hour late for that important meeting with your boss.

#17 Nobody’s sleeping tonight

Being sleep-deprived and exhausted can affect a person in many ways. Anyone who has slept less than 4 hours isn’t going to be good company and won’t have the best of dispositions. Even a litre of coffee will do little to improve their mood.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

When you have so much on your plate, you need every ounce of energy to get you through what’s ahead. But don’t worry; we’ll make you smile, kitty. An abundance of treats is on its way, and the most comfortable and fluffiest bed for you to rest on.

#18 Warning: Low on snacks

A snack shortage is not a laughing matter. It’s always concerning when people (read us) don’t get adequate nutrition, and when we say nutrition, we are referring to chips, chocolates, and sweets. We deserve to treat ourselves now and then.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

We’re sorry, kitty, but we have to be blunt. That belly is telling us you’ve had more than enough treats. How about spending time climbing up and down your tower or playing with your yarn? The same goes for you. Yes, we see you snacking.

#19 Unlikely friends

This is a story about two buddies. One was from land, while the other thrived in water, but together they were formidable. These besties didn’t let geography get in the way of the strong bond they had forged. There are always ways around things, and these two refused to give up on each other.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

Afraid of getting wet but with a strong desire to spend time with his friend, the kitty hopped on the duck’s back and hitched a ride. Where could these two be going? Is there a secret spot on the lake where they love to daydream?

#20 The delight of being patted

Pats are the pinnacle of cats’ happiness. We’ve yet to meet a feline that dislikes being patted on the head and fussed about. Fun fact, patting your feline’s head and petting it reinforces the bond between you and your fur baby.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

Head pats for cats can be compared to hugs for humans. They release serotonin and feel comforting, and we don’t know anybody who would say no to such a treat. “Pss, pss, pss, come here, little angel. Plenty of pat heads are coming your way.”

#21 Grumpy cat

Numerous articles on the Internet claim that dogs often look like their owners after a while. However, a new study has purportedly found that humans are more like their feline friends. It’s difficult to dispute such a claim with this photo.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

This is convincing evidence that our kitties also take after us. Either that, or we take after our kitties. It doesn’t matter because both are sides of the same coin. Also, a grumpy pet parent is most likely to end up with a grumpy cat, so smile!

#22 They refuse to line up

Having furry pets is comparable to having children. Regardless of how much you try, your will is not the final word. You can exert all your effort into ensuring they follow your rules, but in the end, it’s what they want that matters and gets followed.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

This photo just proves how fickle felines can be. One minute they embrace their assigned spaces, but in another, they will act like you never had an agreement. This is what you must be ready for when you welcome felines into your home.

#23 I want the spotlight

Cats may be independent creatures, but just like other pets, they crave love and attention in addition to their nutritional requirements. When contemplating welcoming a feline into your home, you must be prepared to spend at least half an hour each day giving it your undivided attention.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

That said, feline parents everywhere will tell you that half an hour does not suffice. Cats need more attention than that, and they are not averse to competing with each other to see who gets the most love from their pet parents.

#24 Another strange creature

You glance at your watch and mutter a curse. You’re already ten minutes late for your appointment. Yet you stop when you see a strange creature ahead. Will it bite, scratch, or maim you? You’ve never seen anything like it before.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

You rub your eyes to ensure you’re not dreaming, and you’re about to pinch yourself when it starts purring. It’s a cat, albeit a strange one. It looks as if it belongs in an ancient mural somewhere in the mountains of Europe.

#25 Surprise!

The day has been exhausting, and instead of joining your colleagues for dinner and drinks, you head straight home, eager to put your feet up and start leafing through your favorite book. You close the door behind you and get startled upon realizing your cat gave birth while you were away.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

Instead of 1, you come home to 4 delightful kittens and a mama that badly needs rest. Mama kitten may be tired from her ordeal, but she has a satisfied look on her face after successfully giving birth to a healthy litter. Get ready to have a home filled with more love and purrs.

#26 I’m ready for the beach

Cats with unusual patterns on their coats are a rarity. The most common patterned cat is the Tabby cat, which has four varieties, namely, Blotched, Mackerel, Splotched, and Ticked. On the other hand, the rarest color pattern in felines is Colorpoints.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

We are not experts when it comes to cat coat patterns and colors, but we are convinced this cat has among the rarest. Have you ever seen a black cat wearing a white bikini? Neither have we; this is the first time.

#27 Who’s the prettiest of them all?

Henry Ward Beecher said, “There is nothing vanity does not desecrate.” On the other hand, the famous American writer Richard Lawson said, “Just because vanity is human does not mean we shouldn’t try to temper it, to rein it in.”

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

This kitty is not bothered by what they have to say. “Look at me!” it seems to scream. “Aren’t I the most beautiful? Isn’t my coat the shiniest and softest? Admit it, human; I am the most beautiful thing you have ever seen.”

#28 Me love the sweet potato

There are pictures we never asked for, yet the felines of this world can sense what we need. So they willingly put themselves in strange positions and sleep beside the most bizarre objects to ensure we get a dose of serotonin every morning and a smile on our faces.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

These furry creatures are angels on four legs sent from heaven to walk with us daily and keep us company in this sometimes lonely world. Who wouldn’t be happy looking at this? Sleep now, little kitty. We will watch over you.

#29 Coming at you

You recline on the sunbed and take your favorite book out of your bag, excited to start the most relaxing vacation, when a cat suddenly lounges at you. Do you run for your life, throw the book at the cat, or cry bloody murder?

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

A camera clicks, the cat lands on the sand safely, and you let out a sigh of relief. You accidentally found yourself in the middle of a feline photo shoot. Will you be seeing your face in the photo, or will they have the good sense to edit you out of it?

#30 I’m unreachable when I get home

The average person spends at least 3 hours a day on their phone. As helpful as technology is, there’s no doubt it has taken precious time from what truly matters and channeled it into mindless scrolling of social media feeds that only make you feel left out and inferior.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

This kitty has taken it upon himself to rescue poor unfortunate souls one home at a time by stealing the resident’s phones and not allowing them to hold or even touch them once they step inside the house. Kitty, we admire your advocacy.

#31 Who is the culprit?

Due to the lack of a backstory, we’re willing to believe that this cat was framed and that the circumstantial evidence you see in this photo was manufactured. This feline had no reason to steal or eat someone else’s food.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

Yes, it has immeasurable love for pasta, but we don’t think it has the heart to put its nose and face where it doesn’t belong. If there’s a CCTV on the premises, please check it immediately. It should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

#32 Go on a quest

This cat has a quest for you. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to rescue the abandoned kitty and give it a loving home. Do you have the energy, dedication, and motivation to see this through to the end? Step right up!

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

When you accomplish what you’ve been instructed to do, you’ll find a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, and you can make one of your wishes come true. Don’t be mistaken, though. This quest is not for the fainthearted.

#33 But I still require sustenance

Your kitty has been purring and purring and keeps coming back to its food bowl. You sigh. Hungry so soon? You had just fed the little fellow a couple of hours ago. Surely doesn’t have parasites that cause increased hunger.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

You’re also certain that other family members feed the feline when you’re not around, so why does it act like it’s been starved for so long? Suddenly, a brilliant idea comes to mind. Will this work? We doubt it. Just one purr and you’ll go weak in the knees and give it food too.

#34 Looking forward to being petted

Ah, petting. There are numerous reasons why cats love being petted by their favorite people. Because they cannot talk like humans, they communicate with one another by grooming, nuzzling, and rubbing. They use the same behaviors to communicate with humans.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

To them, petting is another means of showing them your affection. It also feels good to us as pet owners. However, other cats may resist petting because, to them, it is unfamiliar or uncomfortable. Generally, pets by trusted humans are preferred to those of a stranger.

#35 Staring into the void

Medieval European beliefs that black cats are witches’ familiars and harbingers of bad luck didn’t deter you from adding a fluffy and gorgeous kitty to your household. As a modern woman, you are open-minded and believe in giving abandoned pets a new home.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

One day, you enter your cozy home and throw your bag on the sofa, but a quick glance up ahead shows your black kitty standing on its hind legs staring intently into a scrying mirror. Is there any truth to the Medieval beliefs after all? Should this be a cause for alarm?

#36 There’s someone inside

We understand the difficulty, Kitty. It’s difficult to keep your bag on your lap while emptying your bladder in a public restroom while also making sure no one thinks the stall is empty and walks in on your half-naked self.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

But what choice have you got when nature calls, and the nearest bathroom has a broken lock? Would you keep going for a few more miles or just take your chances? Something tells us that you would choose the first option. We know we would.

#37 Getting ready to scratch your face

Something everyone should know is that felines have two faces, adorable and docile and feisty and aggressive. On the one hand, you can’t help but give them all the treats and love they need, but on the other, you’re up to your neck with their demands.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

What do you see when you look at this cat? Satisfaction while sunning itself by the window? Those who have a cat at home know that this is the prelude to another episode of “Here I come to scratch your face. Let’s see if you can protect yourself this time!”

#38 Shrekxy ears

The world’s largest genetic registry of cats, The International Cat Association, recognizes the existence of 73 different breeds of felines. Though they all have unique qualities, some have numerous similarities. This is Hobbes, and we think Hobbes is Rocky Mountain Highland Lynx.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

Although his ears may be smaller compared to his cousins, Hobbes is a looker. Their Shrekxy ears! They have a resemblance to the ogre’s ears and are the result of crossing the Jungle Curl and the Desert Lynx. It costs about $1000 to $1,500 as a kitten.

#39 We’ll die happy if this is the last thing we see

The more advanced your age becomes, the more you think about death and what comes after life on Earth. A flurry of philosophical questions emerges too, and you start questioning if you’ve done what you were put on this Earth to do.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

Were you kind? Did you share what you have with the less fortunate? Were you honest at all times, and did you have the best of intentions? But if this is the last thing you see on Earth after a ‘ps ps ps,’ you’ll cross over to the next world happy and contented.

#40 A treat from bakers

The baker had been up since the crack of dawn, anticipating the long day ahead, spending every minute in the kitchen, concocting recipes for new pastries to please even the most distinguished palates. With some magic dust and flour, she produced something unique.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

Forget about hot cross buns; they’re too simplistic for bread connoisseurs. Presenting the hot cross cat. It’s soft, warm, and at times, will even be willing to converse with you as long as you have an adequate supply of treats!

#41 The kitty with a penchant for television

Felines are the ultimate drama queens. They can look sad and pretend to cry at the drop of a hat, but once they get what they want, it’s as if you never existed. They can have you eating from their paws and saying yes to anything they want.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

This kitty must want to be on TV so much that it has started parading in front of it in the hopes that it will be on TV someday. “How does my ear taste? Does my tail tickle you? Can I scratch your head?” So many questions unanswered.

#42 That cute tiny tongue

This cat may yearn for additional brain cells, but we envy its tiny tongue, which is the epitome of cuteness. Kitty, we’d want nothing else than to help, but whatever will we do with our opposable thumbs if you take our brain cells away?

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

There’s much to be said about this photo, and those who advocate for the welfare of felines will point out that this type of breeding must be stopped. However, we would like to focus on other things, such as the fact that we’re not willing to give away our few remaining brain cells.

#43 With my power, you will be healed

We like to think we are open-minded as can be, and if things other than conventional Western medicine help people become whole again and heal them, so be it. We don’t judge people who seek other avenues of healing as long as it doesn’t infringe on other people’s rights and doesn’t hurt anyone.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

If cats can help alleviate people’s sickness, you’ll find us cheering the little felines on and giving them whatever they need to complete their mission, be it treats, endless pats on the head, belly rubs, or countless balls of yarn.

#44 Are you done yet?

There are two groups of people; those who scare easily and shriek incessantly while watching slasher movies and those who can sit through The Exorcist alone at midnight without as much of a yelp. Those who belong to the first category should get themselves a cat.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

Cats are programmed to accompany you to the toilet even during ungodly hours in the morning. It’s their duty to ensure nothing bad happens while you’re emptying your bladder. “Hey buddy, can you step on it? I want to go back to sleep. Also, why do you have to pee at 2 in the morning?”

#45 This watermelon irks me!

Tasty and refreshing, especially when eaten chilled on a hot summer’s day, we can’t think of any reason to dislike watermelons. However, such is not the case for this little kitty that finds the fruit irksome. We can’t help but wonder what the watermelon has done to make the little fellow livid.

Image courtesy of Cats on C***ine/Facebook

The murderous look on the kitty’s face is enough to frighten anyone. Perhaps the watermelon comes alive at night and bothers the little feline in his sleep as it is dreaming of yummy treats, balls of yarn, and belly rubs!